Grey Mare's Tail, Moffatt Hills
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 Keeping an eye on these waterfalls!  We saw this way down below where the water had turned into a little spring.
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Loch Skeen
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 Wish I had prepared myself better!  I saw a family that hiked up here get into the water!  (And, no, Nessie doesn't live here.)
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Drumlanrig Castle
Caerlaverock Castle
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 Us trying to figure out the wifi on the camera!
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 Murdoch's Tower is at the edge of Caerlaverock castle where prisoners were held and chained up against the wall in this tiny hole.  They didn't have the sky view like what you see here.  The top section crumbled along the way.
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 I saw many of these boat planters throughout the country. 
 Can't remember where this was, but it was beautiful!  I probably wouldn't want to put my weight in that.  Looks bog-ish to me!
Aisle of Arran
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 Our AirBnB hosts!  Perfectly located with water views, kitchen and living areas, to well-kept patios to sip coffee or wine!
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Holy Aisle
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